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Web 2.0 ~ Explained:

In the website promotion world, one of the most popular buzz words of late is “Web 2.o.”  It is one component of Kip Nield’s Quad4Promotion™ model, and one that demands understanding.

  •  What is Web 2.0 and how can it affect my business?

Although it sounds like a technological upgrade of hardware components and software that make up the Internet, it is not.  Rather, Web 2.0 is a progression in the way the Web is used. 

Web based services have progressed and have become part of everyday life for many, especially the rising generation.  Weblogs (blogs) and social networking websites, like Facebook®, lead the way in this “web revolution.”  Wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds and any web based, interactive service or website can be identified as a Web 2.0 element.

Increase Productivity
Businesses are affected by Web 2.0 in three key ways.  First, these new tools can be used for business use to increase productivity, as in the case of a wiki.  Wikis are an interactive database of knowledge often times referred to as a “knowledge base.”  Businesses can use wikis as a collaboration tool to pool knowledge over the web.   Offices around the globe can participate in the collection of information.

Customer Service
Second, Web 2.0 services can be used in customer service.  Blogs, for example can be used by a customer base to provide a medium through which information can be disseminated and where customers can collaborate.  Blogs are an effective medium through which information can flow to and from customers. 

Website Promotion
Social networking has exploded since 2004.   Web based social networking websites connect friends, family, acquaintances, and business associates.   These tools are yet another method through which products and services can be promoted.  Web 2.0 websites are a component of Kip Nield’s Quad4Promotion™ model. 
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