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The basis of ServiceFirst™ Marketing lies from the old adage, “to succeed in marketing, you need to fix the service first.”   As simple as it seems, to effectively implement this objective is an illusive dream to many managers and business owners.  In fact, in business today, companies are riddled with sub-par, even out-right awful service.    



Does customer service relate to marketing?  
Absolutely!  Anyone who interacts with customers has a direct impact on marketing.   Sales representatives, customer service representatives, receptionists, front office staff and even the janitor can have an effect on marketing. 
A lot of money is invested in developing a business image.  Every interaction with the people that represent that company will either support or degrade that image.  Well trained and enthusiastic employees build upon a company’s image.  Conversely, poorly trained employees, or those with no respect for core company values, can literally turn million dollar advertising campaigns into worthless marketing fodder. 



How does a business establish and maintain service level standards?

ServiceFirst™ Marketing is a step-by-step approach that builds upon the core values of a company. 
  1. The first step in ServiceFirst™ Marketing is core value clarification.
  2. Next, identify and communicate service standards. 
  3. Create a service "playbook" to document processes for each job function.
  4. Establish training courses to communicate and solidify service standards.   
  5. Finally, measure and evaluate service standard levels.  
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