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Kip Nield
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The Domino Effect
The Domino Effect seminar is an energetic and fun filled look into customer service.  Taken from a decade of real world customer service experiences, this seminar inspires customer service. 
Pulling from the ServiceFirst™ Marketing arsenal, those who attend will leave with a new perspective of customer service. 


Attendees will:
  • Discover how customer service relates to marketing.
  • Learn how small customer service details dramatically affect the success of a business.  
  •  Realize what business owners and managers can do to improve their customer service models.
  • Learn what they can start doing today to make a positive impact in customer service that will literally effect the society in which we live.
  • Leave inspired to improve their customer service skills. 
  •  Take with them a road map to improve customer service.


Website Fact or Fiction 

What is fact and what is fiction in the world of website promotion? 
Kip Nield draws from his decade of experience and his Quad4™ Promotion model to share proven concepts and tactics he has taught to hundreds of webmasters and business owners. 


Attendees will:
  • Discover Internet marketing facts and fallacies.
  • Learn the Quad4™ Promotion paradigm.
  • Uncover the most powerful marketing tool on the Internet today.
  • Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of the most powerful marketing tool.  
  • Gain an understanding how search engines work and how to maximize their potential.
  • Leave prepared to draft a tactical website promotion plan.
Nuts and Bolts  
In this seminar, learn the components of the Internet, how the Internet differs from the Web, and what businesses need to know to get their website online and working.   
Through years of experience and after helping hundreds of small business owners with their website, Kip Nield educates business owners who need to know what their business needs to be successful with the Web.  
Attendees will:
  • Discover what the Internet is. 
  • Learn how the Web and the Internet are different.
  • Uncover the "Nuts and Bolts" of a website.
  • In a non-technical, easy-to-understand way, learn various ways a website can be developed.  
  • Learn the difference between a web designer and a web developer.
  • Discover the pros and cons of amateur help. 
This seminar is a must for anyone thinking about developing a website but is unsure how to proceed.