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Search Engine Optimization - SEO:
Search engine optimization, also known by its acronym “seo,” is one of the most popular components of Kip Nield’s Quad4Promotion™ tactics.  Business owners always want top ranking in the search engines, especially Google®.   Search engine optimization is the process used to prepare a website for the search engine to review its content.  
This review process, called indexing, collects and stores information from which each search engine ranks the website.  Understanding this process makes search engine optimization much more effective. 
How Rankings Are Established
Website rankings are based on specific criteria set by each individual search engine.  The criteria are exhibited in the form of a mathematical algorithm.   The algorithm of a search engine is formulated to provide the most relevant results for a search request.  Knowing components of the algorithm makes search engine optimization possible. 
Each search engine, however, has a different algorithm which is why each search engine returns varying search results.   Search engines compete to provide the most relevant results for the searches performed.   Search engine optimization specialist, Kip Nield, understands how to approach search engine optimization in a strategic method that will cover the most popular search engines. 
How Indexing Works
Search engine indexing happens naturally as the major search engines monitor the Web.   Search engines use computer programs to “crawl” the web.  Crawling computer programs called “spiders” follow the links across the Web.  From link to link the spider crawls looking for key information to store in its massive database.   The key to search engine optimization is to know what information the spiders are looking for. 
  • Does Search Engine Optimization Work?
Search engine optimization absolutely works.  Understanding how the search engines work and what they look for makes search engine optimization possible.  Kip Nield is a search engine optimization specialist who understands these concepts and has been helping businesses achieve top rankings for over a decade. 
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