Kip Nield Internet Marketing Consultant
Website promotion does not happen by chance.  It is much more encompassing than preparing a website for the search engines, a process known as search engine optimization or “seo” for short. 


The Quad4Promotion™ model applies the most effective marketing tactics of both traditional and web based promotion.  Which tactics are the most effective?   The most effective tactics will depend on the market in which the business competes.   Through careful analysis and research, Kip can developed strategies and tactics to maximize your promotional efforts. 


The Quad4Promotion™  model separates website promotional efforts into four quadrants.  Quadrant 1 is inclusive of promotional tactics that are traditional in nature and free of cost.  They do, however, require time and effort.  Quadrant 2 tactics are also free, however they consist of online promotion like search engine optimization – SEO.


Quadrants 3 and 4 include promotional tactics that cost money.  Quadrant 3 includes traditional methods of promotion while Quadrant 4 includes online processes.

Quad4Promotion™  Diagram







Web/ Online











              Quadrant 1




                  Quadrant 2








        Quadrant 3




          Quadrant 4

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An in-depth analysis and strategic plan, developed by Kip Nield, will outline the detailed tactics in each of these four quadrants. 


Contact Kip Nield for a Quad4Promotion™ analysis through which target markets are identified, tactic are selected, and precise implementation strategies launch effective website promotion campaigns.