Kip Nield Internet Marketing Consultant
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It takes constant and consistent effort to effectively promote a product or business.  The question is what tactics are most effective?  Is search engine optimization worth the time and effort or a waste of time? 
The Quad4Promotion™ model is a comprehensive model that addresses these questions and outlines the most effective possibilities from which promotional tactics are formed and implementation strategies are developed.     ~ Learn more.


The foundation of any successful business is built upon the ability for that business to provide the products and services that it promotes.  Any deviation from stated or implied features or benefits is detrimental to its success.  So how does a business make that happen? 

ServiceFirst™ Marketing answers that question with a step by step analysis with an accompanying action plan.    ~ Learn more. 

Other Popular Services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of preparing websites for the search engines is known in the website development community as search engine optimization or SEO for short.  Kip Nield has been involved with search engine optimization - SEO for over 10 years.  During this time, there have been many changes yet some basic principles of search engine optimization (SEO) remain constant.  Kip Nield can analyze existing search engine optimization (SEO) effectiveness or work from scratch to maximize top rankings in the search engines. 


Website Content Development

Kip Nield has over a decade of experience developing content for websites.  Web site developers write terrific code and create functionality for websites but seldom possess creative writing skills.  Website designers can create incredible layouts and graphic design but seldom write the copy (the written text for a webpage).   Both website designers and developers agree that creating persuasive content that usually comprises of text and photos often becomes a frustrating and daunting task for their clients.  Kip Nield can help!


Marketing Plan Development

As a 15+ year professional in sales and marketing, Kip Nield understands how to define, dissect and attack a market.  Strategically preparing and following a well thought-out marketing plan can be a springboard to success.  Kip Nield understands the key components of a marketing plan and how these components, when structured correctly, can make a powerful impact on the message presented to a target audience.  Effective marketing plan development provided by Kip Nield includes research elements, tactical strategy selection and a solid implementation approach.


Commercial Photography

Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words.  In fact, in marketing they are worth much more.  Photos portray products and product features. They represent target market demographics and target market psycographics.  Great photos are purposefully taken to add emphasis and character to a webpage.  Photos that “tell a story” magnify the ambiance and set the stage of a website.  Kip Nield understands and provides photos that speak volumes to their audience.