Kip Nield Internet Marketing Consultant
"I look forward to meeting with you and exploring ways to help you with your business venture!”

~ Kip Nield
About Kip Nield:

With nearly two decades of experience in sales, marketing and business management, Kip Nield brings a wealth of experience to his clients.  Beginning with his unique educational background that combines degrees in business and education and includes an emphasis in computer programming, Kip brings a distinctive approach to Internet marketing.


Over the past decade, Kip Nield has worked with hundreds of small business owners and webmasters in the development of their websites.  With a vast understanding of search engines and an even broader comprehension of website promotion, Kip has become expert in assisting businesses maximize the effectiveness of their websites. 


Kip Nield’s deeper passion, however, lies within human resources and how people can positively affect the marketing success of a business.  He firmly believes that people are the most precious resource of a company and through effective training, that resource can help a business flourish.  Conversely, he believes that improper management of human resources leads to low morale, employee turnover, and business stagnation. 


Early in his career, Kip worked for Software Etc. (now Game Stop), a national software retailer and led his team to one of the highest volume stores in the country earning him the Store Manager of the Year award among his peers.  
Kip was recruited and took a position with Micron Electronics a Micron Technology company based in the Boise, Idaho area.  As a young General Manager, he led a 40 person team to honors within the community earning the people’s choice award for Best Computer Store in the Treasure Valley (greater Boise, Idaho). 
In both of these successes, Kip attributes his success to methodical processes, training, with an emphasis on customer service.


The following decade was dedicated to the Web!  Kip Nield worked closely with webmasters and business owners helping them with website design, development, and of course, Internet marketing.  During this time Kip was serving as an Executive Director for EZ-NetTools, a national website development and hosting company. 
During his tenure at EZ-NetTools, he was primarily responsible for sales and marketing, however, as a member of the executive team, Kip was called on frequently to develop various aspects of the company.  Kip developed the website development and search engine optimization departments.  He was instrumental in developing human resource policies, orientation and customer service training.  Kip was involved with virtually every aspect of customer relations and much of the business development decision making. 


Kip left EZ-NetTools to serve as the President of OutCry Online, a certified eBay software developer that programmed software products made available on the eBay Solutions Directory.  OutCry Online developed software that tied into eBay thus making it easier to manage and maintain an eBay auction business.  Kip considers the time he spent as the president of this company an incredible learning experience in preparation for his consulting career. 


Now as an independent marketing consultant, Kip Nield has many clients that range from website hosting companies to pathologists.  From auto auctions to bed and breakfast inns, Kip has the depth and breadth of experience to help any business win with the web!